Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't want to, but I will...

After putting it off for a long time, I have decided to go back and actually finish my Ph.D.

And I have enrolled, have started the financial aid process, and have committed to starting after the first of the year.

"Committed" being the operative word here.

With three kids, a full-time job, committee work, volunteering, and a house, I should feel overwhelmed. However, I do better when I am intellectually stimulated. Having said that, let me add that my house has been really clean only on several occasions: first, when Kiki was a newborn, and I took six months off work; second, when I have been on breaks from work; and third, when I have been taking classes on top of everything else.

When I am more relaxed, it seems that I have a "manana" attitude about things. I think, "Yeah, yeah, the floor should be mopped, I will do the laundry later, and I'll figure out what to do with those things some other time. " When I am busy, I think, "Better mop that floor now, since I'm here I'll throw in another load of laundry, and this junk is out of here--we won't need it." Plus, I double recipes just in case, and I multi-task when I am swamped.

The strange thing is that I appear to be wired this way--I feel energized and hopeful if my intellect is engaged.

Not that I am a type A personality, though. I do not like competing with others, and I don't get short-tempered. I just zoom through life. A friend once said that, at my funeral, the funeral home directors will be telling me, "Get in here and lie down--we have to put the lid on your coffin now."

So for the next two years, I will be happy. However, will my family be able to stand it?


Reverend Mom said...

This is great news! I know you've been frustrated with your current work situation, and this will open up more possibilities. Are you going to get it in English?

I wish you loads of luck as you begin this new adventure.

Rev. Mom

TobyBo said...

I am speechless.

debinca said...

as someone who has been working on her AS in horticulture for 2 years and has been barely holding things together at home because of all the school work, all I can say is I am is awe and speechless.

part of me wants to ask ' are you sure about this?'

But I am very very proud of you!!!Owl

Munchkin Mom said...

Three of us at work have signed up to take the coursework online: one in nursing education, one in psychology, and I in post-secondary education (my field of interest). We will be sharing books and when we have to travel for residency, we will be carpooling and rooming together. One of the women has a convertible--Last night I had a dream that we were all tooling along the highway a la Thelma and Louise. Heading to disaster?

I really don't have a choice--I need to finish this up if I intend to stay employed.