Thursday, November 12, 2009

The dog ate my dissertation

When I got home from colloquium, I left my briefcase on the living room floor. Harry chewed through the side and ate my dissertation notes.

I wonder if he was trying to tell me something...


maeve said...

He was. Don't leave your briefcase where he can eat it. I hope you have backup. I know the value of dissertation notes. You don't sound crazy, so you must have them stored somewhere.

So, what's the topic????

Pete and Debora said...

beautiful dog! he looks huge.

Sorry about the notes though. owl

Reverend Mom said...

Go paperless!

Munchkin Mom said...

I have backup on a thumb drive. I realized that we were given fruit scented markers, and that was the problem.

He isn't that big--about 85 pounds, but he has a huge blocky head. Love him--sweet, gentle soul.

The topic WAS retention, and I am looking at developmental learners. However, I am now leaning toward teacher preparation in the two-year college.