Friday, July 22, 2011

Makes sense to me

I was talking to the older two kids today about when my mother and father bought this house we live in now. My mother and father were looking for a larger house, and the people who lived in this house were looking for a smaller house, so the two families traded homes. For years, I thought this was the way things were done, sort of a residential dating service, if you will.

This reminded me of another perception I had, one about the underground railroad. A house near here had a marker, chained off, which described the property as a former stop on the underground railroad. I somehow determined that there was some form of long-distance subway which existed prior to the Civil War, one which was secret except to a few whites and everyone affiliated with the slave communities.

Which leads me to ponder just how much now I think I understand, how much makes sense to me, but I really, truly don't get.

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