Monday, August 4, 2008

Like fine wines

What is the fascination with Dancing with the Stars? Maybe I'm missing something here.

Okay, I'll grant anyone that Mario what's his name is NOT hard to look at (but he looks so young to me, although I suppose those abs and those dimples are a killer combination); however, why would I want to watch John Ratzenberger dance?

Of course, I am feeling my age. This past week, I went to the doctor, who refrained from mentioning that I was getting to be that age (he is close to it himself, so I would take it easier from him than from Doogie Howser), but he did suggest I go in for my 50,000 mile checkup.

This made me realize that I was no longer at the point in my life where I am susceptible to cuteness in men. I am more interested in men who have some miles on them, men who have lived enough to have that perception which comes from experience and living, to have wisdom about what is important, who know that sometimes the right thing to do is just to shut up and do nothing.

Does this mean that I would be more interested in spending time with John Ratzenberger than Mario? I don't know...I only know Mr. Ratzenberger as the annoying Cliff Klaben on "Cheers" and have never heard Mario open his mouth and utter a word (or perhaps I was distracted at the time and didn't realize he was talking).

There have always been men who have become more appealing as they aged--Sean Connery comes to mind. And there have been men, like Pierce Brosnan, who have been attractive at whatever they age they were, as they somehow evolved each level of attractiveness. However, as I age, too, I realize that no longer do I find the teenagers, the heart-throbs all that interesting.

And, somehow, that reassures me and saddens me at the same time.


Reverend Mom said...

I went to the optometrist yesterday. I've been having trouble reading for extended periods of time. My eyes water a lot. He said my prescription had changed very little. The problem is I have "dry eye syndrome," which he explained is very common in women my age. I asked him if he was telling me my eyes are getting old.... He gave me some eye drops, and suggested supplements. Today I bought a supplement for aging eyes. Hopefully once I try them I'll be able to read the fine print.

Munchkin Mom said...

I had to go to an eye specialist whose name, I believe, was Skippy.

I changed doctors when he told me I was "that age."


Hope your eyes are better soon.

TobyBo said...


You may find yourself looking differently at young men in a couple years, when your girls are old enough to be looking. I know that I know a cute guy when I see one, and I didn't a few years ago.

I am not sure we are ever immune.