Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Rain Cometh

Today we finally got rain, a weather event which made me happy.

First, we needed the rain. My backyard was full of large cracks where the ground had split from being so dry. Also, I bought some perennials this weekend and wanted a few wet days so I could put the plants in the ground.

Second, I like rain. Here in northeast Ohio, we have lots of cloudy weather--those of us who have been raised here are used to it. I particularly love a rainy night: I like sleeping to the sound of the water falling from the trees and on the roof, I like driving on the wet, shiny roads and hearing the sounds my tires make in the standing water.

And third, I am hoping the rain knocks some of the pollen out of the air so EG stops coughing from allergies so we can both sleep at night. Probably the most unromantic reason, but foremost in my mind.

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