Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wandering mind

Just a few minutes ago, Rocky asked me, "Is Joe Biden Barack Obama's father?"

Make room for daddy at the White House.

Kiki came home from school today and announced that she got the part of Fan, Scrooge's sister, in A Christmas Carol.

"She's dead," she added.

"So it's not a speaking part?" I asked.

"No, she talks."

And I thought Halloween was last month. Kind of a Tim Burton motif, perhaps?

Nita came in from outdoors and asked, "Is Jesus a bad word?"

I told her, "It depends on how you use it."

"Well, I fell down, and it just slipped out."

This didn't surprise me, as she is my strong-willed child, the one with the temper.

I looked at her.

She quickly informed me, "So to make up for it, I did ten Hail Marys, the Act of Contrition, the Apostle's Creed, and to make sure, The Pledge of Allegiance."

Covering both church and state, I guess.

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maeve said...

I've tried this comment at least three times. I think I'm a little slow.

So, for the manyieth time, I wish the world were like it was decades ago when I thought that prayers would get you off with a pass. On the other hand, I wish my RADdy kids got the ideas of guilt. I got too much guilt. They got none. I'm reading and now I think I'm registered. You'll hear from me again.