Monday, November 24, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Ever since I had Kiki, I have suffered insomnia. I have always assumed that it was because of hormones, but now I wonder if it isn't because I became a mom, with all those fears and worries that accompany that job description.

Yesterday, we adopted a kitten. He is a lovely little boy, hand raised because he had no mother, wonderfully affectionate and sweet. Amber, the lone kitty in residence up to this point, was aggravated with Pancho's presence initially, so we put the new cat and his litter box in Nita's room for the night and shut the door.

Then I went to bed, and the games began. Amber fussed and yodeled because she knew the usurper was in the other bedroom and she had not finished having words with him. Pancho nannie-nannie-boo-booed at her under the door and partied on the hardwood floor, jumping on and off furniture, and perhaps doing some demolition projects, judging by the noise level. Dirty Harry had met the cat and approved of him, but he didn't get enough quality time and wasn't settling last night, so he itched and scratched at his allergies for hours. Penny whined and couldn't get comfortable, and Nash remained alert, making Chewbacca noises and sitting up, just in case that new cat had the audacity to try to come down to "his" room.

The rabbits, sensing the tension, weren't resting well, either. I dozed off eventually, only to jolt awake when one of the bunnies shrieked in his sleep. This, of course, set off a chain reaction of even more wakefulness, making it impossible for me to relax. Eventually, I got up and took a sleeping pill. When I got back to bed, EG commenced conducting music lessons in his sleep. So much for dropping off--I should have gotten a guitar and joined in.

The grandfather clock struck every fifteen minutes, reminding me on a regular basis that I was still quite awake and irritating me a little bit more each time I heard it. I did finally drop off after five o'clock, but the regular time for rising around here is ten to six, so there wasn't a lot of time for snoozing, no matter how efficient I might be.

Hopefully tonight will be better.

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Reverend Mom said...

I hope things will be better tonight. It took Cat and Kitten a couple of weeks, but they're now best buddies. Hope your experience will be the same, but faster!