Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am in graduate school online, finishing my Ph.D. I have tried studying in our rec room in the basement, but EG follows me down there, asking me important household related questions like, "What did I do with the Applebee's gift card?" and, more importantly, "Do we have stamps?"

Then, on days when I am home and he goes to work, I stay in the next room from my children, who squabble. Yes, I know, all children squabble, but mine have it down to a fine art form. If only the schools offered squabbling as a sport where they could earn a letter, or better yet, if universities offered scholarships in this art.

Anyway, I have to read textbooks and articles relating to school. I cannot read this material at night, as I am too tired to concentrate. So I try to read throughout the day. Then I end up with scholarly material which sounds like this: "Malcolm Knowles was the father of I'm telling--you hit me. Another researcher, Stephen Brookfield, was probably Knowles's greatest that's mine--MOM, she's picking on me. Brookfield also was a theorist in his crush on Brad Rowe and you love him and want to kiss him on the lips. What? Now what? This computer is Sharan Merriam confined her research to why did you use my lip gloss? I'm telling..."

Sounds like dissertation material to me.

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