Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swamp Creature

We live in an area which is predominantly clay, and with the basment waterproofing, redirecting the gutter output, leveling for the pool, and digging because of the septic issues, the back yard is no longer flat, on a gradual slope to the neighbors', but now is a series of dips and hollows.

It is a bog. At first I blamed it on the fifty-year-old septic system which is still limping along (and hopefully will do so until the sewer comes in, years after the city water), but now I realize that mush, um, much of the yard is soggy back there. Last week the water had stood so long, it developed the rotting biologicals stench that smells so much like septic tank that it had me sniffing the air and perimeter of the yard like some specially trained search and rescue dog.

So EG is out back, daily digging dirt and moving clods around to better direct the rain and fill the low areas, and I refrain from doing more than one load of laundry and one load of dishes a day, taking a shower every other day, and waiting for a dry spell so I can catch up with the dirty clothes.

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