Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drama mama

I love back to school weather. I love hearing the night bugs and frogs in the still air. I love the morning light, so perfectly time with my drive to work. I love the temperature in the mornings.

And I love having my kids back in school. However, Kiki is at that age where girls appear to make everything into a drama. For example, the school put the names of the students and their groups on the front door of the school today. Of course, her name wasn't there when we went there after I got off work. Kiki became hysterical, inferring from this apparent oversight that she had been retained in the seventh grade and didn't get the memo. Nita, of course, was far from sympathetic--let's say annoying--and the two girls escalated into a huge squabble in front of the yams in the produce department at the grocery store.

I finally got her calmed down enough to listen to me, but she went to bed early so tomorrow morning and its attendant doom will come faster.

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Anita said...

My three daughters don't go back to school until the day after Labor Day. Love'em, love'em, love'em, but I am missing my old routine and ready to get back to it.