Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seven weeks

My mother passed away quietly and peacefully this afternoon. After a long, and at the end, agonizing battle with Alzheimer's, post-polio syndrome, congestive heart failure, and a myriad of other age-related illnesses, her last 45 minutes here with us were so amazing to me in that her body relaxed and she eased gently into another place. I was blessed to be there, holding her hand, in that most intimate of moments.

It was seven weeks from the time my brother-in-law received his diagnosis until his death, and another seven weeks until my mother's death. I hate to see what the next seven weeks brings.


Anita said...

My condolences...You describe your mother's death beautifully. Get through the next week; and instead of dreading the next seven weeks, expect something good! You deserve it.

debinca said...

such a blessing for you and sister to be together and with your mom at this time. I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you all. Owl

Reverend Mom said...

Around here they saw bad things come in threes. Diagnosis, death, and death. Now you're due for some good things. Hugs and prayers from a couple of hours west of you.

maeve said...

And from a couple of hours east of you, I'm so sorry for your loss.

W. is right, you're due for some good things. May your good things begin now.