Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whole lotta nothin'

I finished the term at school this week, the house needs just a light cleaning, and I am trying to relax today for the first time in weeks.

EG said the other night, "You and I are type A personalities, but not really."

So does that mean I am an A minus? A B plus? I don't get it. I am high drive, but I do like to shut down at times. I need to shut down at times.

I could be painting the bathroom. Maybe later this week.

I could be scrubbing and sealing the kitchen floor. I think I'll save that for Thursday, when no one is home.

I need to weed the flower bed one last time.

I need to order textbooks for next term.

I need to sweep the basement floor.

But right now, I need to sit and do nothing for a bit. My brain is full.

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Reverend Mom said...

Enjoy the time of rest and renewal...