Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the grind

This morning we got up to a large amount of snow, with more coming. EG went out and dug out the driveway, while Kiki got up and got ready for school.

Rocky got up second, wandered around the living room, and then went into the bathroom to get ready for school. While we have an issue with a temperamental septic system, and I admire frugality with water, I simply do not understand how a boy can wash up for school without soap, water, or a washcloth and towel. Therefore, he and I had a lesson on how to wash your body for school, aka The Use of Soap and Water--Together.

Which leads me to wonder--just when do boys make that transition to men? Do they? Or is the teenage or pre-teenage boy hygiene he has now the same as he will have when he is older? Or will it change when he meets a girl--or an entire school filled with them? Either way, I guess there is an up side. If he discovers girls, he will clean up, but if he stays stinky, the girls won't want to be with him, which prevents worrying about all that entails: dating, pregnancy, and general hormone driven goofiness.

Maybe I'll hide his deodorant.

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Reverend Mom said...

Daughter is 22, and hygiene is still an issue. Every so often I still have to instruct her on what it means to take a shower. Sorry.