Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

I have watched at least five minutes of New Year's Rockin' Eve for the last $& years or so. Every year, I know fewer and fewer of the musical guests, a sure sign that I am getting older. And so are the musical guests I would know.

Last night, EG turned from PBS to ABC at about 11:55. Kiki had gone to bed with a headache whose other symptoms were whining about it, and Nita had fallen asleep sitting up on the sofa. Jennifer Lopez was on the show--I knew her, but Rocky didn't. She was jumping up and down for some reason, wearing what was apparently a fur coat, which caused some discussion in our living room. Then Dick Clark appeared to count down the end of the year.

It made me sad to see Dick Clark--I burst into tears as he did the 10-9-8, especially since he got a little mixed up on the numbers, something which I can't blame him for doing. Somehow Dick was a catalyst as I remembered how difficult this year was for so many I knew, and I sobbed my way into 2010, holding on to EG in the middle of the living room.

Sometimes it is better to end traditions, to start new ones before the old ones wear out. Next new year's eve, I think I'll try for something fresh and different, something which gives me joy.

It will be interesting to see what happens in this new year--I wish something good for each of us


Reverend Mom said...

It is a fresh year with fresh opportunities. We've buried all our parents now, and been promoted to senior generation. We are ready for the leadership mantel,and the opportunity to preserve the best of old traditions and establish new ones. We have let go of the past to to embrace the new. Happy New Year, my friend!

Munchkin Mom said...

And to you, too.

My sister commented to me today that we have become "them," although we are not going to be watching Guy Lombardo. It still makes my eyes roll, but more affectionately than it used to. LOL.

Reverend Mom said...

Dick Clark is our Guy Lombardo....

Munchkin Mom said...

Dick Clark makes me sad to watch.