Friday, February 19, 2010

Running on empty

I felt rather blah all day yesterday, unable to stayed focused on one thing, having outstanding coursework and being unwilling to do it. This was really unlike me. EG said, "You are the most motivated person I know." Poor guy--what a limited world he has.

I don't know why--perhaps it was because I was going to do a hospice training last night and was revisiting some grief, perhaps I was just tired, perhaps just burned out. Today's not much better--I just don't care.

And it has been sunny here for two days, too.

I will have a yearly funk in April, kind of a reverse seasonal affective disorder, if you will. However, it is a bit early for that, too.

So, today I blunder along, listening in on teleconferences because I am not required to participate, and thinking maybe a nap is in order.


Anita said...

It's been hours since you've written this. Did you begin to feel any better? I hope so.

A couple days ago, I got the blues for half a day or so. Husband said something I didn't like. Overwhelmed by the list of things to do.
Still not back to my routine because of all the snow days the kids had off.
And so on.

I don't know what snapped me out of it. Could it have been the large plate of hash browns?
I talked to my best friend. Did that help?
Did I get on the computer to read blogs?
Funny, I can't remember...just sort of started to feel back to "my normal."
Have a good weekend!

maeve said...

Hope you're feeling better still. I remember those days. Hash browns might be good meds.