Sunday, February 28, 2010

A whole decade

Yesterday was the last day of Nita's ninth year--today she turned ten.

Last night, we were driving Kiki to her girl scout leader's house because the troop was having a lock-in overnight at the mall. I had given Kiki some gift cards for her birthday, so she was shopping until one a.m. with her friends. The roads were bad (uh, so what else is new this week), and as EG propelled the car back to the house after dropping off Kiki, Nita became philosphical.

"I can't believe I'm going to be ten already," she mused.

"These last ten years have gone by too fast. Next thing you know, I'll be eleven, then twelve, then in college, and then I'll be fifty."

"Waughk," her father replied. By then, I was hooting with laughter. Not only was she uncharacteristically thoughtful, she was so dumfounded at how fast her life was passing her by.

So happy birthday, Nita, and may it take you a while to get to eleven.

Love, Mom

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