Monday, March 29, 2010


Today is Rocky's hearing. We were talking to him this morning about what to expect, and what he should say, and he came up with yet another explanation about what happened.

Finally, I had him make up a cheat sheet about what he told each person involved, so he could keep track of that was said. It turns out he lied to us up until this morning, even when we told him we wanted the truth.

I asked him if he really wanted my support. He said yes. I asked him if he thought the best way to get it was to lie and keep pushing me away. He started to cry.

Three minutes later, I asked him a question, and again he lied.

I give up.


TobyBo said...

do you remember Laura who used to post? I remember her saying something about "I give up every day and every morning I start again."

Munchkin Mom said...

Oh, I remember Laura. She was so wise and funny.