Thursday, March 4, 2010


The school called me Tuesday. When I saw the readout on my cell was the junior high school, I said, "Uh, oh." My office partner, who knows what "uh-oh" means, then said, "Oh?"

It turns out that I have to go in to update Rocky's paperwork, as he is doing fabulously in school and was officially mainstreamed in his last class this past Monday. However, as the mom of a kid who is healing from attachment disorder, I was reluctant to be delighted by this turn of events. With Rocky, you just never know.

Later that day I went to Nita's conference. Apparently, she has not been doing her homework, and she has been telling her teachers that Harry the dog has been eating her papers, even embellishing how ill poor Harry has been from the fiber. This is not to say that Harry cannot or will not eat anything which piques his interest even slightly. However, I was a bit perplexed that a child with as much savvy and attitude as she has would use the oldest and lamest excuse ever. Unless, of course, she figured that something so cliche would have to be true.

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