Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thar she blows--NOT

It has been hectic here--Rocky suspended from school and playing catch up. Nita being outed as the school cafeteria's best customer, buying breakfast and snacks with money she'd swiped from my purse and her savings, work being a little nuts, resulting in something hurtful happening, and now Nita is in her spring allergy season. For several years, I spent every Mother's Day in the emergency room with her.

The big problem I have with her now is she hates to blow her nose, so she ends up with a sinus infection, invariably, which then leads to a trip to the doctor. I have had to leverage her into nose blowing by threatening to keep her home from school. So, tonight, after a long day at work and longer afternoon and evening at home, I am taking her to the doctor again, this time in a proactive approach to the annual celebration.


maeve said...

I've become a big fan of Zyrtec. I think that make a kids' formula and it's over-the-counter.

TobyBo said...

Maeve had one word for you: zzyrtec.

I have two: neti pot.

Best wishes.

Munchkin Mom said...

Whoa. And to think I've been using a saucer all these years for nasal irrigation.

Miss Drama Queen will shriek if I try to "drown" her. The MD prescribed Zyrtec, which the health card will pay for if he says it is essential (you'd think the prescription would be enough).

TobyBo said...

well, I see I can't spell

I hope the prescription works. The neti pot is amazing. We eliminated chronic sinus infections in my dear son. It is the only way I am sure we have made progress with him.

Munchkin Mom said...

Let's face it--Zyrtec is not a common word. We call it Planet Zyrtec here because it sounds so, well, alien.

TobyBo said...

Planet Zyrtec, LOL. :D