Saturday, May 1, 2010

Come on now, ladies

What I don't understand is some women. Last night, we were at Kiki's confirmation. It was supposed to be a holy celebration, but the two women behind me YAPPED incessantly through the whole thing about the most mundane and idiotic things, which I was forced to overhear. I wanted to turn around and ask, "Why do you think anyone cares about this, and why can't you JUST SHUT UP?"

However, I didn't. What bothers me is that these are the same women who are raising children who will be our future adults and leaders. Will they think it is okay to discuss the new flavor of tic tacs in a loud tone of voice during the presidential inauguration? Or that it is not only acceptable, but expected, to debate the pros and cons of light and dark corn syrup during a funeral?

Then, of course, these same women are walking out of the church and instead of pausing to allow people to take pictures, they shove their children to proceed into the photo shoot, despite it being off to the side--maybe because they are still talking and not paying attention, but come on now. Then, instead of apologizing, they reward the other individuals with a superior, tight smile as they sweep by. Or through--while the people who are taking the picture wait patiently. And these are the same women who go through a doorway and then immediately stop dead to have a conversation, causing those behind them to have to go on either side of the meet and greet session, as no one is moving out of the way.

So, what causes this? Are they self-involved? Thoughtless? So pampered that they are in the mindset that they can do no wrong? Or are they just plain stupid? I understand wanting to have social contact--with school and work and the kids, I don't have much time for friends, and I get lonely, too.

What embarrasses me for my gender is that my children are more socially aware and better behaved than these so-called adults. So, ladies, here is your wake up call. I won't confront you in public, as Emily Post would say that pointing out your lack of manners demonstrates my own poor social graces. You need to pay attention: a discreetly cleared throat while you are babbling about the shower stall liner or a pointed stare after you did a five-minute monologue about grocery shopping without inhaling more than once means you need to pay attention--there are other people around you. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll just mail you a copy of Emily Post's book. Or present it in person when I whack you over the head with it instead.


debinca said...

ah, congrats on the confirmation! One down, 2 more to go. Yep I dont like the gabbing in church, hello, do you care that we all know know your latest ailment, your granddaughters cousins hairdressers persuasion? NOT. Be Quite and let the others pray for cryin' out loud.

John D said...

It does not matter if it is in church or anywhere else that requires people to respectfully shut up. Like you I once would sit and suffer the ignorance of some people. But then I did one day turn around to two complete strangers during an open air performance of a Charles Dickens novel (I cannot remember which one) and in ear shot of about 200 other people told these two guys who were waffling on about a meal they had had a week before, I said, Will you please shut the **** up. I can tell you it worked as the guys lowered their heads and wandered off into the crowd. I always seem to get to sit in front of the talkers, gigglers and back of chair kickers. I am more polite nowadays compared to my first encounter but still get the same results. Something to do with the fact I am no light-weight possibly helps. Be brave next time, saying something does sometimes work.