Saturday, May 15, 2010


I go through spells where it seems like I climb out of bed, drink a cup of coffee, and then the day hits me full force, and next thing I know, I am taking my pills and flopping back into bed, only to start the whole thing all over again fifteen minutes later.

Things have been so hectic with my own courses, work, graduation, and the kids' activities (what is it with the schools: suddenly they go, HEY! we didn't give these kids enough activities all year, so let's hit them with every concert, meeting, or evening event we can think of!) Last week was one of those: come home from work, conduct an inquisition to find out who tore the curtain rod out of the wall, cook supper, drop Nita off at the church for the crowning of Mary, drive ten miles to drop Rocky off at the school for his band concert, meanwhile EG picked up Kiki and took her to choir, then back for Nita, then a quick dash to the grocery store, then back for Rocky. I would have gone to his concert, but he didn't bring home the paper (the thoughtless band teacher put it on pink paper and offended his masculine sensibilities) and informed me of the concert the day of the event. All this after working eight hours and commuting an additional two.

Sometimes I feel like I am going to pass myself driving down the road.


Anita said...

So it's not only me, huh?
Every May, I have to put some of my life on hold, although this year, it's not too bad. Must be because I skipped the teacher appreciation week gifts (I'll take care of them in June), and didn't insist that my youngest daughter play in the Piano Guild, and a few other things. But I have been to recitals, concerts, lacrosse games, end of season parties, etc.; and shopped and bought for, and attended everything. And it's not over yet.
Sooo...I can totally relate. :)

Munchkin Mom said...

What amazes me is that the same teachers who do all this have kids of their own. Hello?

And the same teacher who told the story of having to make a sock puppet assigned a diorama of a Native American tribe performing "everyday activities." Eeek.