Friday, November 30, 2007

By George...

Years ago, my mother watched ER, and I learned early on to NOT call while George Clooney was on the air.

At that time, I didn't see the attraction.

However, as I get older (and so does he), I find that Mr. Clooney is becoming more and more appealing.

First, he is goes by the name George. It is a regular guy name. It isn't like he had the need to call himself Montana Canyons or Derek LeBoeuf, or at least he didn't succumb to these desires if he did have them.

Second, this is a man who is secure enough to let himself go gray. Unlike Robert Redford's unnervingly (yet still attractive) blond hair, George is what he is.

And third, the man is intelligent and not afraid to show it. He is not attempting to impress us with outlandish stunts performed with large firearms--he is more apt to make us think while entertaining us.

So, the younger guys in Hollywood can dazzle women with their toe-curling good looks. I figure by the time that Mr. Clooney and I are both in our sunset years, he will be employed and I will still be watching.


Maeve said...

I'm older and I was in love with different docs. The first was Richard Chamberlain who was blonde, beautiful, and empathetic. Turns out he was also gay so he wouldn't have been interested in me, but I still don't care. Then there was Vince Edwards, the original ER doc. He was tough and had principles. Maybe he was the guy who turned me on to justice.

But I have to admit that George is and was very, very interesting. Maybe I should have married a doc. Darn! Too late now, probably. Anyone know any elderly docs who are unattached and not gay?

I was informed today, from the back seat, that I may no longer refer to myself as cute, since I have wrinkles. Darn!

Munchkin Mom said...

One of the most depressing moments of my life was when one of my college students said, "Mrs. P, you're older than my mother!"

I don't care about cute anymore--I want to be fascinating. Not just interesting, but fascinating.

That way, no matter how I look, men could not get me out of their minds...