Monday, November 26, 2007

Stop being so weird

Just now, my youngest told the munchkin, "Stop being so weird."

Munchkin is a child who appears to defy logic. Today his teacher sent home a note from the lunchroom mom stating that the munchkin "took food off of someone else's plate, chewed it, and put it back."

When I asked him about it, he told me it was green beans and that he only put back the ones he didn't chew. Sigh.

The playground moms have written him up for running into people. He said they were in the way.

I live with this child, and believe me, I know how exasperating he can be. However, he is like those anti-heroes in those old movies--he follows his own code. And I really doubt that the moms on the playground and in the lunchroom get the code. There are days I don't.

However, I also don't get "male." Munchkin will say, "Watch this, Mom" and throw a stick in the air. I take it I am supposed to ooh and ahh over the path of the projectile and be thrilled at how far it goes, how high it rises, or the arc it follows. I mean, we aren't talking Galileo here. I make approving noises and quickly move on, unless said projectile encounters a breakable object such as a window or a younger sister.

Just now I was surfing the web, looking for some insight into the effect of testosterone on the brain of the XY chromosomers. One web site actually warns young men that girls are not impressed by those who throw rocks at ducks.

Perhaps I should bookmark the site. Or maybe I should just hold out for another eight or ten years.


TobyBo said...

LOL, I think we need a link to that site. I can tell you even my Mr Music could use advice on throwing things... he thinks everything he touches is a football...

Munchkin Mom said...

Oh, football. That is the reason we have a kid who put the knees out of five pairs of pants and ruined one and a half pairs of shoes in one month of school. We told him, "NO MORE FOOTBALL!"