Sunday, February 17, 2008

Attention Deficit

I never really watched "Mad About You," but the one time I saw the show, the wife asked the husband, "Who did you ignore before you married me?"

That has become my mantra lately. Case in point: our neighborhood grocery store (I use this term loosely, as the store is in the next county, and we have to drive to it) had prepackaged chichirones (pork rinds to you Anglos out there) in the Mexican section. The one bag which was left was expired, but the manager reassured me that the store would carry these on a regular basis.

I came home and reported what found to EG, right down to the story of how I found the bag near the deli, and the manager who went through the store aisle by aisle to help me, eventually discovering the place the rinds were regularly kept. EG got excited when I told him that these were also by one of the big Mexican food manufacturers.

Today, EG ran over to the store to mail some bills (this is also the site of the nearest mailbox), and he came home to report that the deli and meat departments had no clue what he was talking about when he asked about the fresh-made chichirones. Then he reported that the staff at the store thinks he is nuts.

So which is better? Nuts or not paying attention to his wife?

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