Monday, February 11, 2008

Dreaming of chocolate...

I gave up candy, and especially chocolate, for Lent, along with cakes and cookies and pastries.

What, exactly, was I thinking? Dreams of dark chocolate, creamy frosting, and crispy rice bars have taken over my night life. I have already informed the kids that I will be eating sweet rolls and chocolate bars for Easter breakfast.
Which led me to wonder: where do we get this tradition of giving up something for Lent? After investigation, I found that "giving something up" is more of a Catholic tradition, and that this freeing us of things is supposed to bring us back to purity and simplicity.
What is not pure is my interrupted sleep from dreaming about things like this cake, and the whole situation is far from simple. So I wonder about the spiritual lesson which is in store for me over the next 35, or so, days.

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TobyBo said...

I once gave up chocolate for an extended period. It was not easy.