Friday, February 15, 2008

Plumb passionate

In keeping with the previously mentioned holiday tradition around here, this Valentine's Day, we are doing plumbing repairs under the kitchen sink. It all started when I noticed a wet spot on the floor of the cupboard. I reached up to touch the pipe, and my finger went right through the elbow.

EG got under there to find that there was a four inch gap between the drain and the remainder of the drain pipe, a plumbing job which was obviously completed by my father when he was in the later stages of his dementia.

We celebrated our holiday by taking two trips to Home Depot and one trip to the hardware store at the county seat.
According to the web site, this guy is "well tooled." It figures. I think the new Valentine's gift trend is going to be PVC from now on.


TobyBo said...

Very romantic, I'm sure.

Munchkin Mom said...

Yep. Nothing sets the mood like hearing muttering from under the sink of the same sweet nothings I would wash my kids' mouths out for using.