Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here kitty, kitty

We have a kitten named Amber, who is about eight months old. She is a smaller cat, sweet, and not happy about Dirty Harry, so she lives upstairs in the girls' bedrooms and bathrooms. She will come downstairs, but Harry alerts to her, runs at her to say HI, and consequently chases her back upstairs. The dogs don't go upstairs, as they wear radio collars, and their wire boundary runs right across the front of the house, so they will get zapped if they try to get up to the girls' rooms. Most times.

Nash, our Lab/Dane?Boxer?Pitbull? mix, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact, he may qualify to be a spoon. Anyway, the cat has been with us for two months, and just on Sunday Nash noticed there was a cat in the house. I could just about hear Scooby-Doo and his "Whaaaah?" sound when Nash spotted the kitty. Then he apparently forgot about it.

Yesterday I was sorting laundry, and I heard a lot of barking and screaming. As this is somewhat the norm around here, I ignored it. Nita burst into the room and said, "Nashie is upstairs!"

"Where's the kitty?"

"He's got her!"

I flew up the stairs to discover a cat, one side covered in dog spit, hanging on Kiki's screens, hissing and spitting. The curtains were on the floor. Nash was trampolining on the bed, and the cat was swinging by three feet and swiping with the fourth, screeching and hissing like crazy.

I pulled the dog off the cat, and dragged him back a few feet. The kitty launched herself off the screen onto the dog's head (and my hands), spitting and clawing like crazy. I shut the dog out of the room, and Rocky hauled him back downstairs, where he dripped blood all over everything and everyone.

We put him in his crate and cleaned up the mess.

A few minutes later, after cranking up the range on the radio collar, I offered to let Nash go see the kitty. He excitedly agreed to a new adventure until he got zapped. Then I cleaned his shredded ears, turned the fence back down and said, "Want to go see the kitty?"

He said no, thanks, she activated a force field and, besides, she pulled a Freddy Krueger on him.

The kitty, on the other hand, is now ready to rumble.


Pete and Debora said...

ho ho he he, lol. tears streaming, sorry for laughing. lord sounds like a scene from my past, cant remember if its as a parent or child but I can see it all vividly.

I think you need to change Nash's name to spooner.

You are now living with hidden cats?

You really do lead a charmed life!!!

Munchkin Mom said...

Charmed...there's a word I wouldn't have chosen....

Hellish, maybe. LOL.

Kitty's coming out with a bit of a swagger. I keep thinking of West Side Story. However, she is not coming downstairs yet.