Thursday, September 4, 2008

Norm Wash

Recently, EG pointed out to me that "normal people don't have rabbits in the living room."

My response was, "And?" Yes, we have livestock cages stacked next to the TV, and yes, they shed, and yes, Bob doesn't like the pellets, so he flings them all over until he gets too hungry to ignore them any longer, and yes, we need plastic and newspaper for Willie's litter box accidents, but other than that, what is the point here?

Besides, we are not "normal people."

In fact, the only thing normal around here is an option on the dryer.

Even the dishwasher says, "NORM WASH" which makes me think we've gone into an episode of Cheers, one which would not air during primetime thankfully.

I find that "normal people" intimidate me. Case in point: I had Rocky at the doctor for one of our Gold Card Member visits, and we were discussing kids' rooms. I had always said that I didn't care what the kids' rooms were like, as long as they weren't verminous (which ended when the mouse invasion happened).

The doctor said his daughter thought that, as long as she could walk across her room without needing a tetanus shot, she felt the room was clean enough.

I didn't know what to say. Here I was picturing this nice, composed man in a calm, serene, and immaculate home (reason number one I wouldn't marry a doctor--there is no way I could maintain an immaculate, serene home--see above comment about rabbits). Could it be that his homelife wasn't normal? Was I measuring myself against an unrealistic expectation?

Which leads me to wonder...Is there anyone out there who is "normal?"

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