Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sucks isn't even a start

I am not one for using coarse language. I don't swear, as I find that my vocabulary is enough to say what I need to say without resorting to something not so eloquent. Plus it is more fun to tell someone off in a sentence that they have to work to process rather than resorting to a simple, pedestrian curse.

However, having cancer join the family has made me aware of how limited I still am. As EG said, "We need a stronger word than 'sucks.'" Sucks describes when you back into a pole in your Mom's car, when you forget your homework and your teacher gives you a zero, or when your best friend's boyfriend breaks up with her.

Sucks is a high school word, and cancer is a very adult thing.

So, I am having trouble expressing how horrible it truly is to see a person so ravaged by a disease in thirty days, to be literally starving to death because he cannot eat because the fluid in the abdomen is pushing up on the stomach, to have a doctor say, "there is nothing I can do for you." There are not words to give to the children to help them cope with what is happening to the uncle they love so much. It is impossible to describe the fear and anger we feel that the world was hard enough a month ago, only to have this eclipse it all.

Sucks isn't going to begin to describe it.


Reverend Mom said...

Hugs to all of you.

maeve said...

And hugs from here, too. Cancer is so terrible and cancer that moves this fast is more than terrible. I'm so sorry!