Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good Grief

This week, a kid at school went too far.

We had run into this boy at church at an event, and he had told Kiki her shirt should be tighter. Mind you, he didn't know Kiki, and he was ten at the time. The kids reported the boy to the parent in charge, and they were told, "He has issues." When he started in on my youngest, she came to me, and I went and sat next to the little miscreant during the entire church event. Just because he has issues does not mean that he can behave impulsively or inappropriately.

So imagine my delight when I discovered the same boy was in Rocky's class.

Earlier this year, I took Rocky to see the principal, as this other boy had been commenting on Rocky's genitalia. It bothered Rocky. The other boy also commented to the girls on their breasts, so it wasn't so much a sexual thing as a power or impulse issue. The parents were called in to talk to the principal.

Then this week, there was a substitute in class, and the other boy went over to Rocky, sat on his lap, and when Rocky shoved him off, he grabbed Rocky's testicles twice. Rocky told the teacher, and the principal got involved. The boy was suspended.

However, the more I thought about it, the more concerned I have become. So last night, I went to the police station and filed documentation on this child. I didn't press charges--yet. However, as the parent of a traumatized child, I find this other boy's behavior indicative of a deeper issue, and I worry that this is a pattern. Since privacy is an issue, I don't know if the parents are clueless, in denial, or really trying to keep him under control. I also wonder who might be assaulted next time a substitute teacher is in the class.

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