Sunday, May 31, 2009

Munchkinmom plus eleven

I am out of the loop. The other day, some people were discussing who was an annoying celebrity/public figure, and I would guess that I had no clue who at least 90 percent of those people were.

Jessica Biel? Spencer and Heidi? Jon and Kate? Who is Lori Petty? And did I spell any of those names correctly? And someone named Kimora? It makes me think of coffee creamer.

I spend my days with the three kids, my courses, my job, my husband, my pets, and the people I meet through my therapy bunny. My walking partner is a smart, educated mom of two who doesn't watch television much either. My students talk about people, but I don't know if those being discussed are actually in the students' lives or in the media.

So I got online and looked up these people, and I decided that it wasn't a bad thing that I didn't know that much about them--they appear to be famous because of their personal lives: babies, infidelities (or at least suspected), poor choices of acting jobs, and general inappropriate or stupid behavior.

So, yes, I talk to people about how I trained the rabbit to stay in a basket. I read textbooks and only the front page, local section, obituaries, and Charlie Brown. I spend some time on a couple of boards online.

And I think I am doing just fine without "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."


maeve said...

You ARE a celebrity. ( I know I spelled that wrong). Just not on TV.

Munchkin Mom said...

Thank you! Funny, I never wanted to be a celebrity, even when I was a kid.