Friday, June 19, 2009

It is done

Yesterday my brother-in-law passed away, quietly and peacefully, on his own terms. He was holding his daughter's hand and just eased into another dimension.


maeve said...

This is so sad. We need to find a cure for this desease. It takes so many!

Munchkin Mom said...

And it is so deadly and so stealthy. He had no symptoms until it was beyond any treatment. The only blessing was that the whole thing took only six weeks.

I told my sister about, and she is thinking about starting school in the fall, as youngest is going off to college. I am so proud of her.

maeve said...

You've been a great support to your sister and I know how important this is to her. My sisters saved my life when he was dying.

You're right, pancreatic cancer is deadly and stealthy...I lost a good friend to that disease a few years ago.

Tell her that the link is They helped to save my life as well.