Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have been working in the yard a lot lately, partly because I need to stay busy, partly because I want the house to look nice, and partly because I want to be tired enough to sleep.

However, while I crash into bed and immediately conk out, I then wake up wide awake at three in the morning. Rather than get up and read or watch some TV, I lie there and think. The enlarger in my brain kicks on, and next thing I know, it is six a.m., and I haven't managed to get back to sleep.

After four or five nights of this, I am exhausted. So I take Tylenol PM and am pretty much worthless for the next day.

Last night, Kiki went to volunteer at the church festival from eight until eleven. Her friend's mother agreed to bring her home, and EG and I went to bed before she was due. Of course we didn't sleep. When she came home, EG got up, greeted her, turned off the lights, and locked the door. I realized that we were entering into a whole new area of things to worry about. So the sleep at the beginning of the night will not be happening anymore either.

I guess I'll have to sleep when I'm dead.

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