Friday, June 12, 2009

Smart Mouth

I planted pachysandra under the pine trees today.

This morning, I finished my two final papers for my courses and submitted them, then I spent time attending a conference call, then I picked up the plants, then I ran to the grocery store, then I went to the Farmer's Exchange for 25 pounds of bunny food, then I took my sister out to lunch. Then the kids and I came home, I planted, and the kids played.

Then Nita started. First was the smart mouth, which earned her a time out. Then the smart mouth again, which earned her a longer time out. Then, finally, the smart mouth that, when she went into time out for a third time, kept on going, working her way up to 35 minutes in a time out.

However, when her father walked past her and Nita made a nasty face and stuck out her tongue, I realized that for her own safety, she needed to go to bed. So, in bed she is, although she has threatened to go out her bedroom window, out onto the porch roof, and on to another family which loves her more.

Works for me.

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