Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Does anyone care out there?

Today, going through some papers, I found a penpal letter written to Nita in school. This boy wrote in very neat cursive, using full sentences, and accurate spelling.

Nita's writing, on the other hand, looks like a flock of birds hopped onto an inkpad and then onto the paper. She is a free spirit about grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and I never realized how far behind she is until I saw this other letter.

Ohio's governing bodies are working on the budget, and as part of that, they are thinking about cutting the post adoption special subsidy money which is used for therapy for families who have adopted. I wrote an email to the governor this morning, asking him to fight for this funding. Not only will it help kids with exposures, like Nita, but it will help those with attachment issues. This funding is like an investment in lower crime, lower births to mothers who do not have the capability to parent, and more contributing members to society.

I asked Rocky, who is healing from reactive attachment disorder, to comment. He said, "Tell the governor these kids deserve a chance."

I can't say more.


TobyBo said...

Maybe your Nita and my Mr Music have the same genes for handwriting. I think someone has attached chicken legs to the end of his arms and can only hope at some point he will grow hands. And he can't spell, either. :P

Munchkin Mom said...

Or they are missing the genes for handwriting...LOL.

She can spell--she just does it her own way, and the rest of us can figure it out. Actually, her methods make a lot more sense than some of the spelling we do have in our language.

How is oldest? I periodically check for updates on the old blog.