Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today was the day Kiki's dad had set up for her fifteen year blessing, the marking of her transition from childhood to adult womanhood. We had agreed that this would not be the full blown quinceanara of the Mexican culture, but a blessing at Mass, followed by a family dinner.

She chose to go through with the simple blessing this morning, despite her loss less than a month ago, and instead of her father, she asked her cousin to walk her up the aisle. I felt her father's presence during the Mass, and his pride and pleasure at this event. And I cried that he wasn't there in person for us, to be a part of this rite of passage, the first of many for which he will not be physically present.


debinca said...

awe... I am with you in spirit. So glad she went on with the blessing ceremony and that she knew it would mean a lot to the family and herself. She deserves the pleasure f knowing her dad was watching from Heaven. Hugs Owl.

maeve said...

What a brave thing for all of you to do...go on with a planned ceremony even knowing that it would hurt to the quick for awhile. He's still here, you're right.