Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seriously? What the hell?

On Saturday, while teaching the younger two kids to use the new mower, EG collapsed. I thought he had heat exhaustion and called the rescue squad. They raced him to the hospital, where he died of a heart attack. He was 46.

We had spent the previous day at the fair, and he had gone with me to run errands that morning. Then he had been in the yard with the kids, teaching them to use the self-propelled mower. It was normal day, and that morning, we had been talking about how things were starting to settle down over the past year and how we were just starting to enjoy life again.

Then everything became upside down again.

A friend of mine came over and said that, when she meets God, she is going to say, "Now that we have dealt with my sins and shortcomings, I have a few questions and a few things I'd like to address."

But for now, my only question is "Seriously? What the hell?"


Reverend Mom said...

Daughter wanted to come support your kids-- I told her it wasn't practical, and suggested she draw a picture and write a note. You are all in our prayers.

maeve said...

Would you be willing to send your address?

You know that you're in my good thoughts, but I told K today and she wants to send a card to your kids whom she remembers from a day we spent at the College of Wooster.

Your friends on the board would like to know as well.

Hope you're breathing...that's all I'll hope for at this point.

I feel as though I knew him, although I didn't know him at all except through your words.


debinca said...

What the hell... says it just right. I feel that same way, felt that way as soon as I read your email. Hugs, and prayers. checking in to send a cyber hug. Owl

Kimluvswinston said...

Dear Mom,
As you know--because you and I are reading each other's blogs---I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack, too.

I think the suddenness of the way our spouses died makes a difference in the grieving process. I think it's different than grieving for a spouse who had a long illness.

I can really relate to what you're writing. Keep going. I"m reading...Kim

Anita said...

I'm speechless.

I don't visit your blog for a couple months, come back, and find that your husband has passed away.

I don't even know your name.

I'm so sorry.

(I had to page back to find this post.)

I'm still staring at the computer, not wanting to leave.