Friday, September 16, 2011

A little piece of me, a little piece of you

We donated EG's organs at the time of his death. It was what he wanted.

However, I didn't consider the outcome. We got a letter from Lifebanc, telling us how the harvested parts of him would be used. Kiki said, "I found that comforting." I had more of a mixed reaction--glad that someone else could benefit, but frustrated that we had to do this because of a loss.

Kiki said, "It's like there will be little bits of Daddy in other people."

Now that parts of him are still going to be walking around on this planet, I find that I look at everyone differently, as EG could be a part of anyone right now. I am more patient, let people pull out in front of me, even if I don't have to, hold doors even if it means a few more seconds of delay, speak kindly to someone who appears to be annoyed or overwhelmed.

It seems the least I can do.

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