Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not in bed yet

It is 9:24, and I am still up, sitting in the kitchen and drinking a glass of water. This is highly remarkable. Not for the water, which I tend to drink quite often, but for the scheduling.

For the past five weeks, I have been in bed no later than 9:00, and I wake up at 3:00 a.m., fire up the computer, and watch Law and Order reruns on Netflix. EG and I used to call the program "Law and Snorer," as we invariably went to sleep before the end, waking up to the news and heading to bed, having no resolution to the show. I'm watching the episodes again because they can still lull me to sleep. Who would think that murder, sodomy, molestation, and the like would be so restful.

For several seasons, we would have a discussion whenever the show would come on the air with a rerun.

Person A: We've seen this.

Person B: But did we finish it?

Person A: Yes. This is the one where the killer ended up being __________ and so the police _______________.

Person B: But did we see the courtroom part?

Person A: I guess not.

Then, we would watch the show. Sometimes we would finish it, and sometimes we would fall asleep again.

So, I watch Law and Snorer reruns. However, this time, I can finish the program at a later date, so there is no doubt that I'm not missing the outcome.

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maeve said...

I'm a fan of Law and Order. Bop watched reruns from his bed when he was ill and I thought he was crazy. Now I'm hooked. I also love Mad Men but maybe you're too young to appreciate the kitch of the sixties.