Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, the storm finally broke.

And I didn't.

However, this morning we got up and turned on the television (not a normal activity at this house that early in the day) to find that school was cancelled for the day. EG, who does the daytime childcare and relishes his free time during the school year, wailed, "Why? I don't understand..."

I cheerfully hopped into my car to mush the thirty miles on snow covered roads to give a final.

It is amazing how perceptions can shift so quickly. Another day, I may have been saddened and jealous that they all got to stay at home while I had to drive on treacherous roads to administer a test. However, after three days of non-medicated, Christmas hyped children, I was delighted to risk my safety just to get out of here.

And I wasn't in too big a hurry to get home, either.

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