Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Wasabi Soy Mystery

I gave EG flavored almonds for his birthday. Today, there is one almond left in the container, and the investigation into who consumed the contents is in full-out operation.

Of course, no one is admitting that they had anything to do with the crime. If they had their way, the children would place all the blame on the dogs, who have been cleared because the lid was replaced on the container, and the dogs do not have opposable thumbs. Plus, their tastes being what they are, they would have eaten the container, too.

Consequently, the kids are alluding to someone breaking in while we were out looking at Christmas lights, ignoring the electronics in the house, and eating the almonds, leaving one to throw us off the track.

Maybe we should dust for fingerprints.

This reminds me of a neighbor we used to have, one who called the police because someone came in and stole her scissors out of her desk. When the police answered the burglary call, they discovered the scissors in a different drawer than where they were usually stored. Our neighbor insisted that these were not her scissors, but exact replicas left by the thieves to throw law enforcement off their trail.

Just now, when we subjected each kid to individual questioning, Nita was tripped up and said, "But I didn't eat ALL of them."

We allowed her to plea bargain.


TobyBo said...

I can't believe it didn't pop into your mind straightway to know it must be those Jehovah's Witness women making trouble at your place (again).

Munchkin Mom said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Of course it was! How silly of me to forget that! However, since they didn't leave their calling card, the thought didn't occur to me....LOL