Sunday, January 27, 2008

Better than a frontal lobotomy

Recently I ran across someone saying that their life hasn't been easy, but it has been interesting.

I could go with a little less interesting lately.

Our tenants moved out, leaving the utilities on shut-off and a huge water bill, not to mention unpaid rent. Not to mention no forwarding address, which they saw no reason to give us since they have no money to give us, either. Since they had not been paying the rent on time, but piecemeal thoughout the month, we traded one stress for another.

My mother is in a nursing home with dementia. I mean, of course, that my mom has the dementia. She has been in there for eighteen months, entering two months after we had my father in there for two years. We have gotten very little respite, as the "off months," when she was in assisted living, she was worrisome anyway, as she would go outside and refuse to go indoors at night, which meant I would have to drive over to her apartment and act horrified and embarrassed at the scene she was making so she would go indoors again. As a nightly event, this got old fast. Now mom is having "episodes," which could be strokes or transient ischemic attacks or seizures--we don't know. My sister and I went in and signed a "do not resuscitate--comfort care only" form, which essentially means "let her die." Despite my mother making her wishes clear to us in writing in her trust document, this was a hard choice, and of course we feel somewhat torn, as we have dealt with this stress with both of our parents so long that we are second guessing this decision and wondering how much of it is selfish and how much is according to my mother's own needs.

Kiki has been having issues in school, and I need to have her evaluated to find out what mental health issues she may have, as several of them run in the family. Of course, I called the Cleveland Clinic to set an appointment, and was told that, before I ever get an appointment, I would need to talk to the billing office, and they would call me back within two days. They didn't, so I called back. They gave me somebody's voicemail. Still nothing. The third time I called, telling the receptionist I needed a call back and wasn't getting one, she told me, "I'm not getting involved in that." And, guess what, gave me voicemail yet again. The fourth time I called and was given voicemail, I called my regular doctor's office, and they called themselves to find out that I already had an appointment, set without my input at a time which was not convenient for me.

Do you think someone could have called? How hard is it?

We got notice from the kids' school that the tuition for next year will be increased 25 percent. Ouch. This is after a 25 percent increase last year, too, one which we hardly could meet.

Rocky's report card came--he got, guess what, Fs. Many. And we paid 25 percent more for these than last year. It turns out, I kept asking about his assignment sheet, and he was rushing to do his homework at school, so he didn't present me with the sheet. His teacher stood over him while he filled it out and put it into his backpack, which obviously is the new location of the Bermuda Triangle, as assignment sheets vanish from the inner sanctum there. When he got home, he would tell me, "No homework." or "I only have this." Ha. So he was on blackout, which means he was like on moving grounding, spending his days with me and eating healthy boring food for each meal.

So today he and Nita stole some stale Cheetos which I keep in the car to use for training treats for the dogs. He put them in his pocket to eat later, which I discovered when I was automatically frisking him in church. I automatically frisk this kid often--some of you moms get that, I'm sure. I put him in his room for the rest of the day, and of course he has gotten out of bed and come out into the main part of the house for every possible eensy tiny excuse he could manufacture.

Finally, I lost it with him and am now drinking straight gin. Not a good sign. I used to drink straight gin when I was younger and stupider, but now I stick mostly to weak margaritas, but this seemed appropriate tonight.

Let's see what I'll be drinking tomorrow.

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