Saturday, January 12, 2008

Say what?

We are a multi-cultural family. EG is Mexican-American, Kiki is our bio child, and the two other munchkins are African-American.

EG is a music teacher, and he has been teaching Rocky guitar for a couple of years. Every time Rocky gets more hyper than normal, we say, "Go practice." Consequently, he has gotten quite skilled at his instrument.

Also, our kids are constantly being exposed to a variety of music, and Rocky's latest fascination is with Eddie Van Halen. Rocky got a CD player for Christmas, and he wore it to the hospital when he had surgery. Every person who asked, "What are you listening to?" was a bit dumfounded when the black kid said, "Van Halen."

I don't know if Rocky will ever listen to what his contempories listen to, and that is fine with me, as I feel that children should be exposed to the classics.


TobyBo said...

um, just wondering, is Van Halen truly considered classic? If so, I have neglected even Mr Music's education.

Munchkin Mom said...

LOL. The kids listen to folk, blues, rock, and classical. The last three movies we have seen have been Coal Miner's Daughter, Amadeus, and The Buddy Holly Story. Our idea of "classic" might be slightly skewed...

Kiki once had a friend come over. Her father is a drummer, and this child was singing Pink Floyd while playing.