Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Set

I don't watch reality television, talk shows, or those contest programs like American Idol. I also don't watch game shows, those news programs like 48 Hours, or sitcoms.

That doesn't leave me with a lot to choose from.

Need I point out that there wasn't a lot to choose from anyway?

To add to the restricted television viewing, we don't have "real" cable. Instead we have what is called Lifeline, which consists of the regular broadcast television stations, one or two public access channels, the school system channel, the township channel (which runs the Memorial Day parade well into July), seven to ten home shopping channels, and a couple of channels which the cable guy said we got by accident, things like Oxygen and Spike.

Last week we lost the country music channel, which frankly, we didn't notice for several weeks. We weren't all that upset, as we never watched it anyway. Imagine our delight to find that it was replaced by Turner Classic Movies.

However, the proverbial pickings have been slim even on this channel. The other night we were presented with an old movie about a creature which had hitchhiked back to Earth on a spaceship. The creature looked like what would happen if you did more than kiss the frog and conceived a child. I really tried to give this movie a chance, really I did. However, sleep seemed so much more attractive than the movie ever would.

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