Sunday, June 22, 2008

Easy, easy like Sunday morning

Back, way back, BC (before children), we used to have a quiet Sunday morning periodically. Having gone to church on Saturday, we would sleep until nine, sit outside, leisurely drink coffee, and read the Sunday papers. Along about eleven, we might go for a walk or ride.

It is now AC, and today we decided to take some the morning off, hoping to revisit some of that rest and ease. Here is what we have done on this relaxing Sunday morning: slept in until 6:40, fed three dogs and three kids, cleaned the hamster cage, washed the dishes, read the paper, cut coupons, expoxied the pool skimmer, cleaned the porch, input data on a spreadsheet, unclogged a bathroom drain, vacuumed our bedroom, washed two loads of clothes and hung them outside, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, planned menus for the week, and answered the email. And it is just before 10:00. Who knows what exciting wonders the day will hold from here....

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