Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today EG broke his car key off in the trunk lock of his car. I didn't know where HIS second key was...I didn't know it was my job to track keys.

I wish someone would give me a comprehensive list of items which are my responsibility. However, here is a selection of things which I have recently discovered are under my jurisdiction:

--any and all medical-related phone calls. I believe this is because I have the doctor's phone number memorized.
--attending drum lessons and learning the drum so I can practice with the youngest; this has had the misfortune of causing "Honky-tonk Woman" to run on a continuous loop in my head for the past seven days. I may go off the deep end. Or maybe run off with a rock band.
--grocery shopping and stocking of necessary items; menu planning.
--food services; I do get a reprieve when EG craves pizza--he then announces he doesn't want to "watch me slave over the stove to feed all of us." When I suggest HE slave over the stove to feed all of us, I quickly get vetoed. Obviously hunting and gathering of prepared foods are his domain.

I am sure I will be given an opportunity to expand my repertoire as the week continues.

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