Sunday, June 29, 2008

Styles by Robert

This morning I managed to pry the omnipresent baseball cap off of Kiki's head, only to discover she had bangs.

Since at some point before she went to preschool she had stressed so much she had twisted the front of her hair and caused it to break off, I questioned her about these sticky-uppy, uneven, three-quarter inch long pieces of hair which sprouted right off the middle of her forehead. It turns out that she had NOT twisted them off herself. Instead, she had fallen asleep with her face against Bob the Bunny's cage after sweet-talking him one evening, and he had trimmed them for her. Looks like Bob has found a new calling, one which requires a whole lot more practice, judging from the resulting 'do.

Since Dirty Harry sleeps against the rabbit cage, I guess I should warn him that he may end up with a leoporid-induced crew cut. Or maybe not. It would be that much less dog hair to clean up.

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