Monday, June 27, 2011


Last night Nita, who hadn't taken her medication for hyperactivity yet again, was playing with her baby doll, which had been excavated when Nita and her dad cleaned her room. Let me add that half my dishes were in there, along with much of my knitting yarn, two pairs of scissors, some rocks, many many food wrappers, and an abundance of schoolwork, only some of which belonged to the owner of the room.

Anyway, Rocky bumped the baby doll, and Nita insisted that Rocky apologize to the doll. Rocky refused, saying that it was only a doll. Nita was in a snit, accusing Rocky of child abuse and told Rocky that the doll was going to come downstairs in the night and get even. Rocky stated this was not possible, but I mentioned Chucky, describing Chucky's midnight roving and mayhem.

Rocky told me this morning he didn't go to sleep until after three this morning, but he said it was because his chin itched and had nothing to do with the threat of the baby doll coming down for him.

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Anita said...

Of course not, Rocky. lol