Monday, June 20, 2011

I have finally made a career decision

It is kind of ironic after all the construction I have done lately, but I have finally chosen a career.

I want to blow things up. As in those people who come in, set the explosives, and then cause a building to implode. As in destroy. Planned destruction.

Let's face it...if I goof and the building doesn't blow up exactly right, I can say, "Hey, you were blowing it up ANYWAY." Talk about a good margin of error. And right now I could use some margin of error.

While it may not be as rewarding as a wrecking ball, but I think using demolition charges might be rewarding enough.


Anita said...

Have I missed something? Is this a metaphor for something going on in your life? :)

I smiled as I watched all three minutes of the video. Maybe I need to find something to destroy, too.

Munchkin Mom said...

Aha. See? I think it is an innate thing in all of us.

My dear little Rocky (bless his pointed head) is going through his annual end-of-the-school-year meltdown and stealing again.

Since Christmas was so much better this year, I was hoping this time of year would be better, too. However, he swiped over $100 of vacation money for snacks at school, and then was busted when he took a twenty out of my purse. Sigh

Anita said...

I'm glad he's still your dear little pointed head Rocky. Sometimes it's hard to maintain our love for our little devils. Oops, I meant darlings.