Friday, June 24, 2011

Whippet Thin

I just read an article describing Cameron Diaz in this manner. Please note: This is a term which will never be used to describe me. I am not nor ever will be a sight hound: whippet, greyhound, Saluki. Nope. I am not lean, by any stretch of the imagination. I will not run long distances, unless I am chased by a bear, and let me add that, at some point, I will determine that the fate at the jaws of Ursa has to be much better than all that exertion.

I have been sitting here, trying to determine what breed of dog I would be. I am definitely not a poodle. I would hate to think that I was a bulldog. Not that bowlegged and don't have an underbite. Not a Saint Bernard. I am more compact. Puggle? No, don't think so. Not quite so appealing. What I would like to be is a Collie, all blonde hair and gorgeous face. Or maybe a golden retriever, but I am not that happy all the time. I guess I am a chocolate Lab, much like my beloved Harry here, stocky and stubby, lover of food, and athletic only when necessary, making his own rules about fetch. In fact, we say he is not a Labrador Retriever, but a Labrador Taker-Awayer.

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